Casa de Moon

When we talk about Luna Maya’s home, it is all about personal and her identity. Blue. A color that tells many, as her soul.. that reflects the joy, noble, and poise that she is. Just like how every detail in her space says ‘hello’ before she welcomes you.

We, Kayana Studio, create a canvas through the wall panel, full of her personal collection. The ambiance from the lighting creates more depth and drama to the story we want to tell.

An open floor plan which is surrounded by natural light captures the water reflection, it creates the sense of nature that is close to us — bringing calmness into her space and mind in the middle of the busyness of Jakarta.

The interior creates color contrasts and beautiful textures to the natural palette of the main material.

The addition of shimmering textures and pop of colors create fresh interactions, grounding the home whilst keeping a certain element of surprise. An array of awards she gained – this special space aims to bring out the best of her.

This cozy corner with a velvety touch couch..  completed with a modern edging marble table, lights up her motivation and creativity. She can observe the surroundings, connected to every aspect of the house.

The space finds balance, as would the artwork, with furniture adding to the layered elements of the residence. And everything in between tells her journey and self-discovery.

Kayana Studio is here to tell your story through an elevated space…

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    South Jakarta, Indonesia

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    Interior design

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