Fireplace Lounge

An open bar concept for various social gatherings.

This lounge reflected masculinity in every detail. We coordinate the indigo blue and a gold luxury touch as details. This is inspired by a Seamaster Omega watch that gives out a firm vibe. The wood floor gives the warmth and intimacy of the space. We use mosaic in the bar area to make the user feels special while enjoying their drinks. The fireplace in the foyer is the centerpiece and becomes the identity of the lounge.

In this project, we created elegant interiors that are associated with masculine personalities. This is suitable to the social or the wealthy persona of the target customers. The chairs were designed for formal living and the elaborately carved furnishings were designed to be cared for by many servants.

At Kayana Studio, we plan spaces that enhance meaning to the people experiencing them, meaning transforms space into place and the experience within the space.