Our Core Services


Architectural View

We work with your architect to review electrical plans, angles, and space planning so that every detail functions with the end goal in mind, from flow to the floor plan.


Furniture & Material Selection

We select all of the furnishings you need in your home from upholstery to dining chairs, incorporating any heirloom or sentimental pieces you have in the process.


Interior Design Services

Our team is responsible for choosing all interior finishes, from hardwood to grout color. We’ll work with you to sketch and select all of the neat and beautiful details.



Our styling team comes in for the finishing touches to elevate your design and tell your story; we like to think of it as the cherry on top.

Additional Services


Project Management

We’ll handle all of the details of the process from start to finish to ensure thateverything is organized, on time, and on-track.


Product Ordering

We keeping track of the term of payment, handle on vendor’s timeline and schedule to deliver it on time.


Interior Photography

An interior picture-perfect for special use of commercial or branding. Tell your story through the lens frame and capture your interior in its prime condition.


Project Supervision

Regular visit to catch up time frame of the contractor and report to client.

Our Design Process


Concept & Idea

– Moodboard
– Space planing (zoning) with no dimension
Create a strong identity of the project to incorporate design and function.



Details Dimension

– Layout plan
– 3D preview visualization without rendering / lighting

Create a harmonious design and languages. Spatial design on proportion.




– Presentation of rendered 3D visualization
– Material board

Expectation of the final result. Understanding the material and finishing.



Technical Drawing

– Technical drawing (Layout plan, furniture plan, elevation, ceiling and lighting plan, details)
– List of Vendor

Tehcnical and detail drawing ready for execution. Vendor and finishing referral.



Tender Contractor

– Compiled final data of the project


Appoint the contractor to start the construction journey. Hand over all the technical documents ready for execution.
" Design is a process, an intimate collaboration between clients and designers "
Henry Dreyfuss
Industrial Designer Pioneer

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can team up with your contractor.

Iya, Kayana akan memberikan gambar kerja detail pada setiap proyek.

Bisa, kami akan selalu terbuka untuk bekerja dengan kontraktor kepercayaan klien.

Yes, we can team up with your contractor.

Sangat bisa, Kayana memiliki list vendor / kontraktor terpercaya untuk direkomendasikan sesuai dengan kebutuhan klien.

Yes, we can team up with your contractor.

Let's Bring Your Ideas to Live

We believe an elevated space carries stories, and learning about yours will be an important process to us.
Talk to us about your perspectives and thoughts while we are working before your eyes to create the good things in life.